BMAC services

Boulder Mobile Acute Care provides evaluation and treatment of of non-life-threatening acute illness and injury outside of the traditional office setting.  As a board-certified Family Practice physician, Dr. King recommends that if you have an acute injury or illness, you should first contact your primary provider to see if they can treat you, but if they are unavailable within a reasonable time frame, or travel to an office for evaluation is difficult, then treatment by BMAC is an option.

Medical conditions that may prompt a call to BMAC include:

– Respiratory illness (bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infection, strep throat, asthma, croup, allergies, other cold and flu symptoms)

– Gastrointestinal infections (vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, “food poisoning” “stomach flu”)

– Urinary infection

– Minor trauma (lacerations, sprains and strains, possible fractures or dislocations, scrapes and bruises, burns, puncture wounds, animal bites)


– Rash or other skin conditions

– Foreign bodies that may require removal (splinters, fishhooks, objects on surface of eye, objects stuck in ear or nose)

– Abscesses and other soft tissue infections

– Ingrown toenail or other nail problems

– Back or neck injury

– Fever

– Possible side effects of medication

– Insect bites/stings, tick removal

-Head injury/concussion (without loss of consciousness)

– Other painful conditions (with the exception of chest pain or abdominal pain, which may represent life-threatening conditions and should be promptly evaluated at an emergency facility)

-Immunizations (see separate heading)

Testing available includes:

– Rapid strep testing

– Rapid flu testing

– Urine pregnancy testing

– Urine dipstick testing

– Fingerstick blood sugar

If blood testing, x-rays, or other diagnostic testing is indicated, these can be ordered by Dr. King to be performed at a site that performs these services.

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