The basic charge for a mobile doctor visit by BMAC is $200.  All other charges are added to this base charge.  Visit for limited physical exam for purpose of documenting clearance for child to participate in camp or sports activity is $150.

Additional fees for procedures are as follows:

Simple laceration repair – with wound adhesive: $100

Simple laceration repair – with stitches: $150

Complex laceration repair (facial, longer than 5 cm., multiple, multi-layer): $200

Ear wax removal: $75

Joint drainage/injection: $100

Intramuscular injection of medication/immunization: $25

Incision and drainage of abcess: $150

Application of custom fiberglass splint: $75

Removal of subcutaneous foreign body: $150

Removal of foreign body from eye: $100

Removal of foreign body from other areas (ear, nose, etc.): $100

Reduction of joint dislocation: $200

Drainage of hematoma under fingernail/toenail: $50

Nasal packing/cautery for nosebleed: $150

Additional fees for diagnostic testing are as follows:

Urine dipstick test: $10

Urine pregnancy test: $20

Rapid strep test: $30

Rapid influenza test: $30


Blood glucose test: $20

Other additional charges:

Visit requiring travel over 10 miles from BMAC home base (1871 Folsom Street, Boulder): additional $100

Visit over ninety minutes in length: additional $100

Orthopedic supplies (braces,splints, crutches, elastic wraps) are also available at additional charge.  Options and prices can be discussed at the time of the visit.

“Immunization only” visits: see separate page under “Immunizations”.

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