Experts have stated that one of the obstacles to obtaining adequate immunization rates is inconvenience to patients who wish to be immunized.  Boulder Mobile Acute Care offers mobile immunization services for patients who desire the convenience of receiving immunization without having to travel to a medical facility for that purpose.


The charge for an  “immunization-only”  visit from BMAC is $50. There is only a single visit charge for one trip to a specific location, even if multiple patients or multiple immunizations are involved.  There is a $25 administration fee for each immunization given.  The cost of each immunization is added on to these charges.


BMAC keeps only a limited amount of vaccine in stock, but vaccine can be ordered from suppliers if there is not an immediate need for immunization.


Below is a current list of vaccines available along with their cost:


Adult TD: $25  Tetanus booster for ages 7 and up.

TDaP (Adacel): $50  Tetanus and pertussis booster for age 12 and up.

Call 303-569-9938 if you have any questions about immunization services, or if you are interested in receiving immunizations other than those listed above.

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